Friday 17 April 2020

Seeker and Cerberus but no Midnight duel

The outcome of Harry's first 'unauthorised' but hugely successful broomstick flight, was that he's been spotted as a 'natural' with a rare gift for broomstick flying.

Far from getting expelled, and on the first train home to the Dursley's, which is what he feared. Professor McGonagall marched him down Hogwarts' corridors - to meet 'Wood' the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team - excitedly telling the captain that she's found a 'seeker'.  

First years don't generally play for the house in the Quidditch team, but with his natural skill Harry now looks set to be snapped up by the Gryffindor team, with Wood and Professor McGonagall sorting out the details later, getting Harry into training - while trying to keep their new talent under wraps, hoping to wrong foot the opposing House teams, in some future Quidditch tournament.

I can't say I've ever flown a broomstick - but I've come close - I can fly a glider pilot a light aircraft, and ride a motorcycle.

Me in 1985, flying solo in the same Cessna 152 which I took my first flying lesson on 6th March 1983 G-OLEE
Maybe not quite a Nimbus 2000, but I'm guessing that the rush of solo flight, or riding at speed over the exposed moorland roads of the remoter parts of Wales are not dissimilar to aerobatics on a magic broom! 

Riding the A44 in Wales towards Aberystwyth - glorious open roads with perfect sweeping bends

I look forward to seeing how Harry gets on with his Quidditch training.

The midnight duel - that never happened, then lead Harry, Ron and Hermione crashing into the forbidden corridor - to face the 'giant three headed dog guarding a hatch in the floor' . . . 

I'm getting a serious case of déjà vu here - with flashbacks to Cerberus - the three headed hound of Hades guarding the entrance to the underworld - captured by Heracles in ancient Greek mythology, while rescuing Theseus (who had unwisely run off with the lovely Persephone who happened to be the wife of Hades).    

Surely it can't be the same dog - this is the21st century?    I guess we'll find out later.    

The Gryffindor mob then dodge various ghosts, using spells (generally remembered by Hermione - who seems a bit of a swot), and remembering passwords to make it out of the forbidden corridor back to the Gryffindor dorm in the tower.

WooHoo!  Page 175 - over half way through book one!



  1. I seriously adore your blog Daddy Wallis and really hope you will keep it going! Marie

  2. I, myself, have flown...through the London Marathon as the Golden Snitch (I'm not sure I can attach a picture or I would). I'm not nearly as fast, though! Keep reading and posting!

  3. I'm afraid to drive a car and you've flown a plane. Now that's courageous enough for me to say you've got some Gryffindor in you! I'm sure you'll love the Quidditch rules and scenes, they're quite exciting! I love how the author also used them to further the plot. :) As for Cerberus, the reference's there for sure (literature, you know, especially in a mystical/magic world)!
    I can't wait to read you take on what's next!


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