Tuesday 14 April 2020

Tea with Hagrid - and Birthdays

I've run out of my favourite teabags - Assam by Lidl - it's a lovely malty 'builders tea' kind of teabag, but since I'm not allowed out at the moment due to the Covid-19 Lockdown - I'm stuck with drinking my way through my emergency tea supplies.

Not all bad - it has to be said - as I've got some  proper loose Assam tea which only takes a bit longer to infuse than the 'proper teabag way'.

Sorry about the 'Tea' diversion - blame it on Hagrid - who invited Harry for a cuppa in the Potions chapter - after all - as potions go, there is nothing much better than a nice cup of tea especially at three o clock on a Friday Afternoon.

Cherry disagrees, and spurns hot drinks in favour of cold drinks - generally with fruit in them.  But I'm sure she will discover the joy of proper tea sooner or later - probably later.

Speaking of Cherry - I haven't seen her thoughts on Jonathan Livingstone Seagull yet.

Either way - 

Happy Birthday Cherry :-)  (15th April)

have a lovely day.


  1. happy birthday to your daughter! the start of her 30's!

  2. Since the lockdown here in Canada, I drink tea all day every day! My brother is like Cherry, he never cared about hot drinks and finds tea tasteless! Yes, these kind of people exist. 😅 There's nothing like reading a book with a cuppa tea!

  3. You can order your tea bags through Amazon! Good luck!

  4. I prefer hot drinks only when I'm cold or in the evening, not good when I can't have caffeine at night (due to reflux)! I'm loving this blog so far! I'm so glad you are doing this!


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