Saturday 11 April 2020

The first Three chapters

Well I'm on the way - I'm at page 50, Harry has reached his eleventh birthday, and I've already developed a desire to see Dudley (and the rest of the Dursleys) meet a sticky end, or otherwise get their just deserts.  

I've met the boa from Brazil, found out what a put-outer is, and learned how Harry got his lightning shaped scar (Boo Voldemort!).  

It's a pacy read - there's a lot going on, and probably made a lot easier for me by having a daughter who regards Harry Potter as one of life's essentials, rather than a luxury.  

 Even without reading any of the Harry Potter books, I've absorbed many Harry Potter 'truths' over the last 20 years - like muggles, potions (though I haven't come across any of those in the book yet), flying motorbikes, and owls - though I hadn't realised that owls came in flocks - my personal owl collection consists of one fluffy Hedwig - a present from Cherry - who lives on the top of my bookcase together with the rest of my furry animal collection.


I'm not bored - quite the opposite - it will be interesting to find answers to some of the things that have occasionally confused me while listening to Cherry talk about Harry Potter, both on YouTube and with her friends over the years.


  1. im happy you are have fun reading harry potter welcome to the fandom

  2. I'm so glad you are getting into it! Dont let Cherry tell you any spoilers.

  3. i think he is watching her videos so he got definitly spoilered!

  4. So much fun!! Glad to read these

  5. Best dad ever. Greetings from Europe.

  6. this is fabulous! My son started reading them when he was 8, has read them 5 times, i have read them twice, my husband finally read them a few years ago because he felt he NEEDED to know what we were constantly referencing. He ended up loving them! its a cool world to share with your kids for sure - your daughter is lovely and we love watching her. Glad she mentioned your blog!


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